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Winter Applications

Applications Close January 28th!

This year, our Winter Weekend is a virtual Climate Change Sprint! That means applications look a little bit different. Here’s what you’ll be asked to do once you click that apply button:

  • Make a SurveyMonkey account: the process is super easy, and just requires you to enter an email and password
  • Fill out some basic contact information: things like name, age, school, etc.
  • Answer a couple of essay questions: these help us get to know you and your interests a little better
  • Hit submit!

For this year’s winter program, applications are reviewed on a rolling basis: that means there’s no firm deadline, but spots may fill up quickly! Admission decisions will be sent to you via email a few weeks after you’ve submitted your application, and if you are accepted, you’ll receive further instructions.

Remember, this program is “pay what you can:” so if you’re accepted, you’ll only have to pay what you can afford! Check out the winter tuition page for more info.

Summer Applications

Applications Open!

For our summer 2022 programs, GIV will be back on college campuses all across the state! The application process for these in-person Institutes is a little more involved, but still super straightforward. Here’s what you’ll be asked to do once you click that apply button:

  • Make a SurveyMonkey account, if you haven’t already
  • Fill out some basic contact information and select the Institute(s) you’re applying for
  • Answer a few essay questions that will help GIV get to know you
  • Ask two teachers/adults for recommendations: all you have to do is enter their email addresses and let them know you’ve requested a recommendation – GIV will take care of the rest
  • Hit submit!

The deadline for Summer applications is April 3rd. Once applications have closed, we’ll reach out within a couple of weeks to let you know your application status. Check your mailbox for a letter with a little star sticker! From there, we’ll be in regular contact about next steps.

The cost of the summer Institutes uses a sliding scale tuition model, and depends entirely on what your family can afford. For more info, you can check out our summer tuition page!