Resources for Parents, Teachers, and Schools to Help Enroll Your Students

If you are ready to enroll your student to a Governor’s Institute, simply hit one of the buttons below.

2022 Outreach Materials

Please feel free to download and share any of our 2022 outreach materials with your students! Click the link below to access our poster, flyer, and Institute one sheets.

2022 Poster and Flyer

2022 Institute One Sheets

Resources for Teachers

Letters of Recommendation

Is your student applying to GIV online or on paper?

If Applying Online: You should receive an email request to write a recommendation. Make sure your student has your correct email address, and check for the request in your spam folder: sometimes they go astray.

If Applying on Paper: Click here to download the form and pick your favorite way to send it back to us at the following address:

20 West Canal Street Suite C5, Winooski, VT 05404

You can also email us a scanned copy of the paper form at [email protected]

Thank you for connecting your students to GIV’s unique learning opportunities!

Resources for Schools

By nominating students and young artists to GIV, you’re giving your most talented students a summer they’ll never forget, full of powerful learning, lifelong friendships, and exposure to whole new horizons for their futures! Thank you so much for your initiative that makes it all happen.

Selection Process Instructions

Below you will find a link to both the selection process instructions and the nomination form for the 2020 Summer Institutes.

If you need any other materials or have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or (802) 865-4448.

Reviewing Student Applications

Schools – Do you need access to our online system to review applications from your students? Click here to sign in to your account on GIV’s application system.

Using the paper system and need a nomination form? Click here for GIV’s nomination form.

Resources for Schools Using Online Applications

Integrating GIV with Proficiency-Based Learning

Check out this chart to get you thinking about how GIV fits into each student’s educational plan. Take a look at our ELO Tip Sheet.

Additionally, feel free to distribute the flyers and catalogs below at your school:

If You Think GIV Is a Good Fit for Your Student Then Don’t Hesitate to Refer Them Today

Refer Your Student