At GIV All Students Can Access Accelerated Learning Regardless of Financial Status

An applicant’s chance of being accepted is exactly the same whether their family can pay full tuition or not.

GIV Winter Tuition Rates

GIV’s mission includes making sure that all students can access GIV regardless of their families’ financial status. Students whose family incomes fall in the shaded area and those with extenuating circumstances may elect to submit aid applications and income tax documentation to qualify for lower rates.

If you are applying for tuition reduction, please submit a check for only the amount in the matching box below with your application.

Regardless of your family’s income, please select the highest tuition level your family can comfortably afford to help us keep this program affordable for all students.

Over $45,000

Full payment is due at the time the application is submitted. If your student is not admitted, your check will be returned uncashed or your online payment will be refunded.

Qualifying for Assistance

  • For a split household, please combine both family incomes.
  • Extenuating circumstances can include anything that affects your ability to pay, such as job loss, family size, elder parent care, hurricane damage, siblings in college, illness or injury, etc. Please send us a note describing the situation so that we can try to accommodate you and your family.
  • Some schools and foster care agencies pay for tuition.

Full refunds are available for the duration of the registration period. Once enrollment lists are set, tuition becomes non-refundable.

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