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Applying is Easy

You’ll fill out a couple simple online forms which include:

  • Basic student information (name, age, email address, school, etc)
  • Choosing which topics/strands interest you and a few short essays that express your interest.
  • Recommendations from teachers/adults – these aren’t formal letters but rather a quick online form that you send directly to their email.


Reminder: students who were accepted to the 2020 GIV Online Summer Immersions are automatically accepted for the 2021 Summer Immersions! 

  • We will still need some info if you are auto-accepted such as what Immersion you would like to attend and basic contact info.
  • Please create an application and fill out the “Student Information Form” & the “Application Form.” There is a question on the “Application Form” to determine if you were accepted in 2020 and the requirements of the application will change depending on your answer. After you submit, we will verify that you were accepted in 2020 before you are accepted in 2021.
  • Students applying for Math this year may need to supply additional info if they were not specifically accepted to Math in 2020.

2021 Accessibility

This summer, GIV is doubling down on its commitment to smashing barriers between you and the learning experience of a lifetime.

Tuition is “pay-what-you-can,” so every Vermont family can afford GIV. We’ll also be providing technical troubleshooting for any student who needs it. If you struggle with unreliable internet access, lack of appropriate devices, or any other tech-related issue – GIV is here to help!

So don’t let that stop you from applying: we want you to get the most out of the GIV community we’ll build together, online and beyond!

For more information, visit our Summer 2021 page or email [email protected].

Application Deadline

Check your school’s application deadline here.

Has your school’s deadline already passed? It’s not too late – you can still apply through our website! Spots in GIV’s Immersions are limited, so the sooner you get your application to us, the better.