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Students who attend GIV come away with knowledge, inspiration, and a deeper sense of their future possibilities. Each Institute is a supportive and engaged community featuring industry experts who provide world-class learning experiences and mentorship.

“ My child gained more confidence, made excellent connections, and tried new things. The confidence they had in themselves after being there cannot be overstated.”

— Diane,   Arts Institute 2022 Parent

Should Your Student Attend a Governor’s Institute?

GIV exists to help Vermont students and young artists discover their passion for learning, expand their horizons, and successfully pursue the higher learning that will help them achieve the career of their dreams.

GIV has an impressive 40-year achievement record (click here to see our detailed Long-Term Impacts study). Our graduates have launched businesses and nonprofits, traveled the world in careers ranging from archaeology to performance art, and have returned to their communities as important contributors at all levels of Vermont’s economic, political and social fabric.

GIV is also committed to accessibility as more than just a buzzword. We deliberately make our programs affordable to every Vermont family using a sliding scale tuition model, and have a conscious focus on physical and mental support for all students at a systematic level.

But, perhaps most importantly: GIV is FUN! GIV alums will attest – here at GIV, students make lifelong memories and friends, finding their community and celebrating themselves fully.

As an added bonus, college admissions officers recognize GIV participation as a significant achievement, and value it highly in their considerations for student admissions. An expanding network of colleges offering automatic scholarships to GIV graduates is listed here. Colleges that recent GIV graduates attend include:

Funding and Scholarships

We know that the current economic environment is challenging for schools and families. We are committed to making GIV accessible for all families by offering financial aid and scholarships to qualifying students.

Tuition is on sliding scale based on what families can afford, starting at just $10. See GIV’s sliding scale tuition calculator here, and please reach out to us at [email protected] with questions about how we can support every applicant!

GIV Protects Student Health and Safety

The health and safety of our students has always been GIV’s top priority. To that end, we background check all our staff, provide extensive training in health and safety protocol (including mental health support), and accommodate each student’s individual needs by designing for physical and cognitive accessibility at a systematic level.

You can be confident that at GIV, your student is in good hands.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, GIV has been requiring day one rapid testing for all students and staff, as well as vaccinations, health screenings, and masking as necessary. We have provided additional resources, support, and training for staff in the event of a student becoming symptomatic, or a positive case emerging over the course of an Institute.

For summer 2023, GIV is closely monitoring the CDC’s guidelines re: COVID-19, and updating our policies to match their strictest recommendations. For more information, please review our full COVID protocol below, which will always be updated with the most current information. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected].

GIV's 2023 COVID-19 Policy

This year, GIV will be requiring students to be up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccines, as defined by the CDC. If a student cannot be vaccinated or boosted, they may request an exemption form by reaching out to [email protected] after being accepted to GIV’s summer programs.

GIV will also be requiring day one rapid testing for all students upon arriving at their Institute, and requesting that any symptomatic students test at home.

Additional precautions may be required based on the program.

Policies are subject to change in accordance with CDC and/or host college guidance.

How are students supported and kept safe at GIV?

Students are never left alone, and will always be accompanied by staff members throughout the day. This includes time between classes, recreation, and social events. Extra staff members are on hand for any field trips and off-campus community visits as part of the program.

Students live on a dorm floor with a team of RAs and staff members who are on call to help with emergencies 24/7, ensuring dorm safety and making themselves available for students’ needs. Lights out typically happens around 10:00 PM, after which students are expected to stay in their rooms.

Part of our application process involves processing IEP, 504, and EST plans to ensure our program content takes into account the accommodations and support systems that make students successful.

Multiple staff members are available throughout the day to support students in their physical, mental, and academic well-being.

Here's what GIV parents and alumni want you to know:

Anupam Gerg and Mukesh Kumar (Parents of Two GIV Alumni)

Jesse Rufenacht (GIV Asian Cultures 2002 Alum)

And some more thoughts...

“ The joy in [our student's] face and everyone when we saw them on the last day was breathtaking! That will last a lifetime for them all, and wish all students could feels so accepted and confident. It would change the world.”
– Beth, Arts 2022 Institute Parent
“ Our son has now dedicated himself to computer sciences, changing his classes for 11th grade to focus on coding and sciences and math needed to pursue this career path. ”
– Sarah, Technology & Design 2022 Institute Parent
“ They gained more confidence, made excellent connections, and tried new things. The confidence they had in themselves after being there cannot be overstated. ”
– Diane, Arts 2022 Institute Parent
“ My five kids did a bunch of the Governor’s Institutes – best thing I could have done for them. They came back with much more of a voice for themselves, able to articulate what they want to do with their futures, with greater tolerance for other people and self-esteem.”
– Patricia Ransom, Enosburg
“ We can’t thank you all enough for the amazing program this past week. Our son gained so much, in so many facets of his life… Along with the knowledge that is gained from interacting with new people, he also made strides in his confidence. ”
– Parent
“ Clearly, the energetic dynamic at GIV is one of immense respect, love of learning, and gratitude. This conscious and holistic approach towards teaching is what we appreciated the most.”
– Parent
“ I am the parent of a bi-racial, smart student. She now understands that she can realize her passion for her scientific interests that will not preclude and override her other interests. Scientists have lives!”
– Parent
“ My daughter is a certified theater rat. She is passionate about all aspects of performing, but also theater production. Being surrounded by so many like-minded teenagers and adults at GIA has given my daughter a larger perspective on what’s possible with the arts and her life.”
– Parent
“ Governor’s Institute is incredible. I can’t believe how much you accomplished in a week! I can’t believe how much my whole family learned from the experience because my son was so excited he came back and shared with all of us.”
– Parent
“ You changed my son’s life.”
– Susannah, Arts 2022 Institute Parent
“ For my kids that are looking to broaden their horizons, it’s at the top of my list.”
– Andrew Roy, Guidance Counselor at Essex High School

Each Institute Offers Credits & Proficiencies!

Students can get even more out of their experience at GIV by getting high school credit, PLP entries, proficiency-based graduation requirements, or even college credit.

Explore our latest Academic Guide for a detailed overview of the many opportunities for students at each GIV Institute, including those that offer college credit!

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