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Long-Term Impacts

GIV 30 Year Study

In 2013, GIV celebrated 30 years of providing world-class learning opportunities for high school students with an independently-supervised long-term alumni outcomes study.

To explore the outcomes of this study, click here to download a condensed version or click here for a full version.

GIV 30 Year Study
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11/28/2023: Engineering and Entrepreneurship Institute Spotlight, Giving Tuesday, & more

11/14/2023: Health & Medicine Institute Spotlight, One Day Adventures, & more

10/30/2023: Global Issues & Youth Action Institute Spotlight, GIV Event in Putney, & more

10/17/2023: Environmental Science Institute Spotlight, One Day Adventures, & more

9/20/2023: Mathematical Sciences Institute Spotlight, Raffle Winner, & more

9/5/2023: Technology & Design Institute Spotlight, Jack Duranceau Alumni Story, & more

8/22/2023: Entrepreneurship Institute Spotlight, GIV Is Message, & more

8/9/2023: Summer 2023 Institute Celebration, 40th Anniversary Event Recap, & more

7/11/2023: Summer 2023 Institutes in Action, 40th Anniversary Event Invite, & more

6/14/2023: Excited for Institutes Starting, 40th Anniversary Event, & more

6/1/2023: 40th Anniversary Ticketing Launch, Lineup Announcement, & more

5/18/2023: Application Season Recap, Thank You Messages for Applicants, & more

3/22/2023: Counting Down for Summer 2023 Applications, & more

1/25/2023: Adventure Awaits, Summer 2023 Applications Open

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