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Are you a GIV alum? Use these resources to stay connected and to learn about opportunities for the GIV family, near and far!

Reaching out to our alumni near and far-- rejoin the GIV community!

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Making the Most Out of GIV

Stay Connected

The best way to make GIV last a lifetime is to keep in touch! You’ve got your own group of friends, but GIV also maintains a Facebook page where graduates from every generation can connect and share favorite memories and photos. Stop in and say hi!

Stay up to date on GIV happenings by subscribing to GIV’s Newsletter. And email us at [email protected] if you’d like to be featured in an alumni spotlight video, or do a social media takeover!

Tell a Friend

Did one of your friends tell you about your Institute before you came? Maybe a brother or sister? Did you have an amazing experience? Now it’s your turn to spread the word. Let your friends know about your GIV experience and what they can gain by going!

You can also let your classmates know about GIV by participating in an information session at your high school, or writing a letter to your school or community newspaper about your experience. Be sure to let us know what you’re doing, and if you’d like to get involved in promoting GIV on a deeper level!

Interested in contributing to GIV as a part time volunteer? Check out our volunteer page for more info on how you can help make the GIV magic happen!

Keep Learning

Follow your passions by taking what you have learned at GIV and sharing it with the world!

Did you know that there are automatic college scholarships available to graduates of GIV? Bennington College will provide between $5,000 and $10,000/year to any GIV matriculants. Other colleges nationwide also offer scholarships that you’re automatically eligible for if you matriculate at that school.

Get more info at the National Conference of Governor’s Schools website.

Join Us Next Year

If you are still in high school, summer is always right around the corner at GIV! Choose a new Institute or return to an Institute you attended to explore new subjects within the offerings.

Want to be involved with the Institutes in and after college? Stay in touch with your Institute Director and consider returning as a staff member!

Automatic Scholarships for GIV Alumni

Bennington College (Vermont)

Bennington College will award an annual $10,000 merit scholarship to accepted students who have completed one of the Governor’s Institutes of Vermont. The scholarship honors the memory of Andrea Diehl—a graduate of the Bennington College’s MFA program, former Director of Communications at the College, and Trustee of GIV—and recognizes and supports students whose exemplary commitment to learning has been evidenced by their choice to engage in college-level immersion learning in their spare time.

Savannah College of Art & Design (Georgia)

SCAD offers the Artistic Honors Scholarship: A $5,000 per year scholarship is awarded by the college to a limited number of accepted students who have won first place in the Congressional Art Competition, have participated in selected Governor’s Honors Programs, Governor’s Schools, or other similar approved programs (such as GIA), or who have demonstrated outstanding artistic ability through portfolio presentation as judged by the Scholarship Review Committee.

Mississippi University for Women (Mississippi)

The Mississippi University for Women (host of the Mississippi Governor’s Schools) offers a $500 scholarship to any student from any state who attended a Governor’s School.

To get a full list of scholarship opportunities beyond this list, check out this page!

Contact Us if you have any additional questions!

Opportunities for Young Vermonters

We work to support our alumni long after their experiences with GIV in their educational, personal, and career goals! Check out some of these exciting opportunities for college-bound and career-bound young Vermonters!

  • Coalition for College Action Events: Visit this page for interactive online events designed to support young people in applying for colleges and making the most of their postsecondary education.
  • CCV Scholarships: Qualifying students can attend CCV for free through the 802 Opportunities Grant.
  • GlobalFoundaries Maintenance Tech Apprenticeship Program: Take classes towards a degree at Vermont Tech while working full-time to save $27,000 on college expenses and graduate with automatic job opportunities!
  • Outright Vermont: Learn more about Outright, a Vermont organization that hosts events and creates incredible programs to support and empower LGBTQA+ students in Vermont.
  • Upskill Vermont: Learn more about the Upskill program where qualifying Vermonters can take two or more UVM continuing education courses for free.
  • VSAC Outreach Programs: Learn more about GearUp, Talent Search, and programs that focus on educational opportunities to qualifying Vermonters.
  • Vermont Afterschool Jobs for Youth: Visit this page for an abundance of employment and educational opportunities for young Vermonters.

Vermont's Most Promising Jobs

This year, the McClure Foundation worked in partnership with the VT Department of Labor to identify over 50 promising jobs projected for young Vermonters entering the workforce. Each pays above the state median wage of $22.55/hour and is expected to have at least 500 openings over the next ten years.

Check out the McClure foundation website to read about these exciting opportunities and how you can pursue them, with links and resources for students and jobseekers alike.

Many of our Institutes provide training towards these exciting career paths, so please reach out to us with questions about how GIV can support you!

VT Most Promising Jobs

What is your GIV story? Check out our Alumni Story series!

Isabell Pless (GIV Arts 2016 Alum)

Anja Samson (GIV Mathematical Sciences 2017-2019 Alum)

Rowan Harple (GIV Arts 2022 Alum)

Chris Woodworth (GIV Engineering 2007 Alum)

Charity Clark Alumni

Interested in sharing more about your experience with GIV?

Please reach out to us if you’d be interested in sharing your experience at GIV for our “Alumni Story” video series!

We’d love to hear more about your experience and share it in writing, with photo memories, or with a video!

These stories inspire us and help new generations of GIV Alumni learn about the experience.

Supporting GIV

Did you know that state funding makes up only 15% of our budget? Donating directly to GIV helps keep these opportunities available for young Vermonters, no matter their financial circumstances.

We also need volunteers for both remote and in-person roles.

Your support means the world to us!

Reach Out To Your Local Legislator to Support GIV!

Let your local legislator know how much GIV means to you!

Alumni who voice their experience to legislators are invaluable towards getting support from our local government officials.

Use this tool to find the people in your community who can help make a difference for GIV in State Government!

Want to help GIV spread the word?

Download our latest promotional materials to share in your community!

GIV's Alumni Council

In the name of staying connected with alumni and continuing to cultivate the wider GIV community, GIV maintains an alumni council!

At our virtual meetings, council members are consulted on outreach practices and promotion, and encouraged to take on the volunteer projects they have energy for – everything from hosting GIV get-togethers, to coordinating logistics for one day events, to spearheading information sessions at local schools and organizations. Council members are deeply involved in what makes the GIV magic happen.

Members of the council will also gain access to a wider network of professionals, mentors, and peers through GIV’s robust community of alums; contribute to creating and furthering GIV’s culture; lend their voice and perspective to GIV’s growth; and get to spice up their resume with some volunteer work at a prestigious Vermont non-profit!

Interested in Joining GIV's Alumni Council?

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