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Thank you for supporting your students as they apply for GIV! We know you work so hard to inspire and challenge them.

“ The Institutes are a chance for our students to delve deep into the study of something they are passionate about. It gives them leadership opportunities and a sense of ownership in what they do and accomplish. It is a great, intensive program that enriches the academic lives of students that attend.”

— Bruce Whitman,   Leland and Gray Union High School

GIV Works With Every Vermont School

By nominating students to GIV, you are giving your students a summer they’ll never forget. Our Institutes are defined by powerful learning, lifelong friendships, and exposure to whole new horizons for their futures. We are incredibly grateful for your initiative and support.


Reviewing Student Applications

The student application process asks students to elect two non-parent adults for recommendations. These adults will be sent a recommendation form via email that allows the reviewer to speak to a student’s strengths.

Once a student submits their application, a nomination form is also sent to each school’s Talent Scout.

Student Applications are due by March 31, 2023.

Talent Scout nominations and recommendations from 2 non-parent adults are due by April 8, 2023.

Have questions about the application process? Please contact us at [email protected] or (802) 865-4448.

Need help supporting students with our 2023 online application?

Watch this step-by-step video tutorial to see how our application works and answer any questions that might arise.

Applications should be filled out by students, but teacher support is always appreciated.

Open on YouTube to view with captions and jump to sections of the video covering pages of the application process.

If you need any help in the process, email us at [email protected] or call us at (802) 865-4448.

How does the recommendation and Talent Scout nomination process work?

When a student applies to GIV, they choose their school from a list that includes all eligible schools in Vermont, New Hampshire, or New York. In the event a school is not listed, a student applicant can also choose OTHER and we can reach out to support that student directly.

We work with partners in each Vermont school to act as a “Talent Scout.” Talent Scouts receive notifications via email once a student has initiated an application for GIV.

Talent Scouts are invited to nominate their applicants using a rating system (indicate if a student would be a “perfect fit,” a “good fit,” or if they might not do well at GIV). Talent Scouts are welcome to provide further context about student’s qualities or concerns by reaching out to us confidentially at [email protected].



Student applicants are also asked to elect TWO non-parent adults to act as Recommenders. Recommenders will be sent an email inviting them to recommend the specific student. Students are asked to enter these emails, so in the event that a recommendation request is not received, please ensure the email was entered correctly. Talent Scouts are welcome to act as both recommenders and Talent Scout nominators!

Student applications are open now through March 31st, 2023. Late applications cannot be accepted.

Recommendations and Talent Scout Nominations are due April 8th, 2023. We love to have recommendations and nominations in by March 31st as well, but will be offering a grace period through April 8th to accommodate folks helping last-minute applicants.

Thank you for supporting Vermont students in attending GIV and having the experience of a lifetime!

GIV students smile as friends.

How You Can Help Promote GIV!

  • We are eager to work with you and your school to encourage your students to apply to GIV! We would love to visit your school community and share our student-focused and student-driven presentations about GIV.
  • Speak with students in grades 9-11 about GIV and encourage them to apply during open application time (January-March). Helping students stay on track of deadlines is a huge help!
  • Support students through the application process by writing them a recommendation. Students are asked to choose 2 non-parent adults to offer recommendations through our online application.
  • Put up flyers and promotional materials in your school and community. Contact us at [email protected] to have physical copies mailed to you! Or download them and share them digitally.
  • Come see the magic for yourself! GIV can help arrange a visit while the Institutes are happening. We find that folks who have seen the transformative experience that is GIV are our best advocates! Contact us at [email protected] and we can arrange a visit and tour.

Want to help GIV spread the word?

Download our 2023 promotional materials to upload and share in your school!

Please reach out to us if we can help by mailing printed versions of any of our publications.

Click the icons to download our latest materials!

Student Fit and Accommodations

Are you wondering if GIV is a good fit for a student you know? To attend, students must have:

  • Deep interest in or passion for the topic matter of the Institute.
  • Ability to participate fully in the Institute (with accommodations if needed).
  • Readiness to attend, which is comprised of a personal desire to participate fully and the emotional maturity to succeed for an extended period away from home.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that GIV is fully committed to student physical and mental accessibility. Though not every student will be a good fit for our programs, we encourage you not to avoid recommending students based on physical or mental challenges, language barriers, or academic achievement. For more information on how GIV can accommodate your students’ specific needs, please reach out to [email protected].

Students Building

Here's what GIV Educators and Students want you to know:

“ As a rural state, many of the high schools GIV draws from are unable to offer advanced [or specialized] instruction. As a result, the exposure GIV is able to give attendees is simply irreplaceable through other avenues. Without question, GIV is the best experience I can recommend to Vermont families interested in enrichment for their students. The leadership of the program is strong and the structure of the camp is exemplary. I give GIV my highest recommendation!”
– Christopher Danforth, Professor, UVM Department of Mathematics and Statistics
“ The change I saw in my students during our second year together after coming back from GIV was beyond measuring; they grew in maturity, complexity, energy, and compassion. They learned to network, build relationships, and seek communities within their interests and aspirations.”
– CTE Media Arts Teacher, 2021
“ These institutes offer students the opportunity to participate in a rigorous, relevant, focused study. ”
– Harwood Union High School Teacher, 2022
“ [The GIV Institutes] are very diverse and focus on topics and activities that excite students. The activities are interesting, hands-on, and relevant to today's world. My students value the experience every year.”
– Montpelier High School Teacher, 2022
“ [I was surprised by] how much I was actually excited to get up and go to class every day. I started off very nervous, but everyone was so welcoming and nice that I ended up really excited and happy to be there!”
– Arts Institute Student, 2022
“ When talking to a faculty member and hearing her describe all the research she does, it made me realize how diverse opportunities are in the scientific field, and that I really could find something I love and do it as work.”
– Environmental Science Student, 2022

2023 Talent Scouts


This list indicates our Talent Scout partners for the 2023 Application Season.


Thank you to all of our Talent Scouts for their efforts that support students who apply to GIV!

Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions about our Talent Scout connections.

School Name Talent Scout(s) Talent Scout(s) Emails
Arlington Memorial High School Joanna Lederer-Barnes [email protected]
Bellows Falls Union High School Andrea Carlson [email protected]
BFA – Fairfax Katherine McElroy [email protected]
BFA – St Albans Stephanie Hodgeman [email protected]
Blue Mountain Union School Kimberly French
Dawn Blanchard
[email protected]
[email protected]
Brattleboro Union High School Richard Heller
Tessa Anders
[email protected]
[email protected]
Burke Mountain Academy TBA TBA
Burlington High School Shannon Walters [email protected]
Burlington Technical Center (CTE Center) James Yepez [email protected]
Burr and Burton Academy Melissa Michaud [email protected]
Cabot School Jackie Batten [email protected]
Canaan High School Kara Sweatt [email protected]
Center for Technology, Essex (CTE Center) Heidi McLaughlin [email protected]
Central Vermont Career Center (CTE Center) Abbey Allen [email protected]
Champlain Valley Union High School Susie Moakley [email protected]
Colchester High School Heather Baron [email protected]
Cold Hollow Career Center (CTE Center) Heather Haddick [email protected]
Compass School Eric Rhomber [email protected]
Craftsbury Academy Sally Guebara [email protected]
Danville School TBA TBA
East Burke School Brandon Mazur [email protected]
East Valley Academy TBA TBA
Enosburg Falls High School Sally Bashaw [email protected]
Essex High School Siobhan Barber [email protected]
Fair Haven Union High School Ashley Duckett
Kristen Partesi
[email protected]
[email protected]
Granville Junior/Senior High School Erin Rueckert
Elisha Mittleman
[email protected]
[email protected]
Green Mountain Technology and Career Center (CTE Center) Meghan Parker [email protected]
Green Mountain Union High School Christa Valente [email protected]
Green Mountain Valley School Kerry Jackson [email protected]
Greenwood School TBA TBA
Groveton High School TBA TBA
Hanover High School Andrea Johnstone [email protected]
Hartford Area Career and Tech Center (CTE Center) Tim Hebert [email protected]
Hartford High School Andersen Thorp [email protected]
Harwood Union High School Erin Dezell
Jen Shaub
Maggie Weintraub
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Hazen Union School Allie O’Hara [email protected]
[email protected]
Lake Champlain Waldorf High School Alice Lissarrague [email protected]
Lake Region Union High School Tim Chamberlin [email protected]
Lamoille Union High School Debbie Zmich [email protected]
Leland & Gray Union Middle & High School Sarah Grasso [email protected]
LiHigh School TBA TBA
Long Trail School Scott Magrath [email protected]
Lyndon Institute (includes a CTE Center) Angela Ryan [email protected]
Middlebury Union High School Stephen Darby [email protected]
Mill River High School Dea Kimball
Shirl Harrington
Karen McCalla
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Milton High School Nicole Martel [email protected]
Missisquoi Valley Union Middle / High School Chris Blackburn [email protected]
Montpelier High School Diana Koliander-Hart [email protected]
Mt. Abraham Union Middle/High School Maureen Deppman [email protected]
Mt. Anthony Union High School Madelyn Degler [email protected]
Mt. Mansfield Union High School Kristen Barker [email protected]
Mt. St Joseph Academy Chip Stevens [email protected]
North Country Career Center (CTE Center) Amy Pickering [email protected]
North Country Union High School Meg Norman [email protected]
Northfield High School Michelle Aftuck [email protected]
Northwest Technical Center (CTE Center) Susan Bosland [email protected]
Otter Valley Union High School Meredith McCartney [email protected]
Oxbow High School Hannah Calley [email protected]
Pacem School Lexi Shear [email protected]
Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center (CTE Center) Brenda Logee [email protected]
Peoples Academy Moira Donovan [email protected]
Poultney High School Tracy Gallipo [email protected]
Proctor Jr/Sr High School Phyllis Currao [email protected]
Putney School Mike Keim [email protected]
Randolph Technical Career Center (CTE Center) Marie Conley [email protected]
Randolph Union High School Lisa Floyd [email protected]
Rice Memorial High School Kimberly Pushee Hill [email protected]
Richford High School Allison Witherspoon [email protected]
Rivendell Academy Nancy Hall [email protected]
River Bend Career & Technical Center (CTE Center) Katherine Chobanian [email protected]
River Valley Technical Center (CTE Center) Terri Herzog [email protected]
Rock Point School Jean Waltz [email protected]
Rutland Area Christian School Robert Congdon [email protected]
Rutland High School Amy Conn [email protected]
Salem High School TBA TBA
Sharon Academy Wendy Bordeau [email protected]
South Burlington High School Meghan Sweet [email protected]
Southwest Vermont Career Development Center (CTE Center) Lisa Harrington [email protected]
Spaulding High School Margo Austin [email protected]
Springfield High School Jason Touchette [email protected]
St. Johnsbury Academy (includes a CTE Center) Sean Murphy [email protected]
Stafford Technical Center (CTE Center) Lori Cillo [email protected]
Stowe High School Patricia Tomashot [email protected]
Stratton Mountain School Alex Lehmann [email protected]
Thetford Academy Mark Pichette [email protected]
Twin Valley High School Denise Piffard [email protected]
Twinfield Union School Melissa Gosselin [email protected]
U-32 Middle & High School Anne Decker [email protected]
United Christian Academy TBA TBA
Vergennes Union High School Anne Vincent [email protected]
Vermont Academy Lorna Schilling [email protected]
Vermont Commons School Jasmine Easter [email protected]
West Rutland High School Lauren Louiselle [email protected]
White River Valley High School TBA TBA
Williamstown Middle/High School TBA TBA
Windham Regional Career Center (CTE Center) Anne Doran [email protected]
Windsor High School Kim Gogan [email protected]
Winooski High School Jessica Handrick [email protected]
Woodstock Union High School Joni Kennedy [email protected]

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