No Matter Your Situation - You CAN Attend the Governor’s Institutes!

GIV offers a sliding scale tuition structure to make sure every young Vermonter, from any background, can participate.

Tuition Rates

GIV is affordable for all Vermonters!
Tuition is on a sliding scale based on your family’s income.
Annual Family Income $0-$25,000 $25-$45,000 $45-$65,000 $65-$85,000 $85-$105,000 $105-$125,000 $125,000+

Short Courses:

Astronomy; Engineering; Entrepreneurship; Health & Medicine; Environmental Science; Math

$10 $185 $485 $785 $1,085 $1,385 $1,685

Long Courses:

Arts; Global Issues & Youth Action; Technology & Design

$20 $285 $585 $1,085 $1,385 $1,685 $1,985
Special Incentive Pricing to Break Down Gender Barriers!

For Women and Nonbinary Students in:

Engineering; Entrepreneurship; Math; Technology & Design

$10 $135 $385 $685 $885 $1,185 $1,385

For Men and Nonbinary Students in:

Arts; Global Issues & Youth Action

$20 $185 $485 $885 $1,185 $1,485 $1,785

Accepted and Need Additional Financial Aid?

  • Send us an email explaining the situation to [email protected] and we will work with you to make GIV more affordable.
  • If your tuition is being covered by a third party such as an agency or school, the third party does not qualify for sliding scale tuition discounts.  The third-party rate is $1695 (short course) or $1985 (long course).
  • Some Institutes may offer the option to earn college credits. Please note that colleges charge an extra fee on top of GIV tuition for granting credits, but most students can utilize a Dual Enrollment voucher to fully cover that fee. The Dual Enrollment program guarantees free college credits for VT juniors and seniors. Dual Enrollment funds by law may not be used to pay GIV tuition, which is due separately. To learn more, click here.

Helpful Hints

  • For a split household, please combine both family incomes when calculating your total annual family income.
  • Extenuating circumstances can include anything that affects your family’s ability to pay, such as job loss, family size, elder care, siblings in college, illness or injury, etc. Please send us a note describing the situation so that we are best able to help.
  • Some schools and foster care agencies pay for tuition, as does Vocational Rehab.
  • We’ll be happy to send you a donation receipt for any amount you choose to pay over your tuition.
  • Installment-based payment plans can be arranged, just reach out at [email protected].

Can You Be a Tuition Hero?

Help GIV enroll a student who cannot afford full tuition by contributing scholarship funds today. Your one-time or yearly gift helps make sure that GIV is open to all young Vermonters with a passion for learning, plus it’s fully tax-deductible. For more information, contact [email protected].


  • Students from border schools in NH, NY and MA which serve a significant proportion of Vermonters may be eligible for reduced tuition to GIV and considered for any scholarship funds that may be available to those specific locations.
  • Residents of states other than Vermont accepted to GIV Institutes are not eligible for subsidized tuition.

Please Note

  • If you decide not to attend and we receive written notice by June 1st, we will refund your payment.
  • Scholarships are not redeemable for cash.

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