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We're always delighted to hear what life after GIV has been like for our alumni, so reach out and let us know how you're doing and what you're up to!

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Making the Most Out of GIV

Stay Connected

The best way to make GIV last a lifetime is to keep in touch! You’ve got your own group of friends, but GIV also maintains a Facebook page where graduates from every generation can connect and share favorite memories and photos. Stop in and say hi!

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Tell a Friend

Did one of your friends tell you about your Institute before you came? Maybe a brother or sister? Did you have an amazing experience? Now it’s YOUR turn to spread the word. Let your friends know about your GIV experience and what they can gain by going!

Also let your classmates know about GIV by holding an information session at your high school or writing a letter to your school or community newspaper about your experience. Be sure to let us know what you’re doing!

Keep Learning

Follow your passions by taking what you have learned at GIV and sharing it with the world!

Did you know that there are automatic college scholarships available to graduates of GIV? Bennington College will provide between $5,000 and $10,000/year to any GIV matriculants. Other colleges nationwide also offer scholarships that you’re automatically eligible for if you matriculate at that school. Get more info at the National Conference of Governor’s Schools website.

Join Us Next Year

Summer is always right around the corner at GIV and you have many Institutes to choose from! And don’t forget the Winter Special Topics Institutes for people who love to learn.

Want to be involved with the Institutes in and after college? Stay in touch with your Institute Director and possibly return as a staff member.

Reach Out To Your Local Legislator to Support GIV!

Let your local legislator know how much GIV means to you!

Alumni who voice their experience to legislators are invaluable towards getting support from our local government officials.

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Automatic Scholarships for GIV Graduates

Bennington College (Vermont)

Bennington College will award an annual $10,000 merit scholarship to accepted students who have completed one of the Governor’s Institutes of Vermont. The scholarship honors the memory of Andrea Diehl—a graduate of the Bennington College’s MFA program, former Director of Communications at the College, and Trustee of GIV—and recognizes and supports students whose exemplary commitment to learning has been evidenced by their choice to engage in college-level immersion learning in their spare time.

Savannah College of Art & Design (Georgia)

SCAD offers the Artistic Honors Scholarship: A $5,000 per year scholarship is awarded by the college to a limited number of accepted students who have won first place in the Congressional Art Competition, have participated in selected Governor’s Honors Programs, Governor’s Schools, or other similar approved programs (such as GIA), or who have demonstrated outstanding artistic ability through portfolio presentation as judged by the Scholarship Review Committee.

Mississippi University for Women (Mississippi)

The Mississippi University for Women (host of the Mississippi Governor’s Schools) offers a $500 scholarship to any student from any state who attended a Governor’s School.

To get a full list of scholarship opportunities, check out this page!

Contact Us if you have any additional questions!

Meet Our Amazing Alumni Council!

Interested in Joining?

Hussein Amuri

Hi, my name is Hussein, and I’m a rising senior at Winooski High School! I’m a GIV alumni from the Current Issues & Youth Activism Institute. I am deeply involved in my community, including being a member of the Winooski City Charter Council and the Vermont Youth Lobby. I was also recently featured in a VPR article discussing how COVID-19 has affected my school, my family, and my community.

I love watching anime, running track, reading books and playing with my little brother. I am planning to go to college at Middlebury, but I would also love to go to Georgetown University or any of the HBCU schools if possible. My dream is to be in the Vermont Legislature someday!

Jamie Atchinson

Hello! My name is Jamie (they/them) and I’m a senior at Harwood Union High School/an early college student at NVU Johnson. I’m an alumni of the summer GIV Arts Institute and the Advanced Leadership Immersion. I invest in my community through my passions. As such, I’m a member of the Vermont Youth Lobby and the HUHS chapter of the National Honors Society.

Additionally, I ski for my high school’s Nordic team and dance in competitions for the Green Mountain Performing Arts Dance Troupe. When I’m not at school or work I love to spend my free time drawing, painting, or creating in any way possible. My dream is to become an art educator and help inspire the next generation of artists to create for their communities, the future, and themselves.

Kiran Bleakney-Eastman

Hi! My name is Kiran Bleakney-Eastman, I’m a senior at Burlington High School. I’m a GIV alumni from the Current Issues & Youth Activism Institute. In addition to attending GIV, I’m deeply invested in the improvement of my community. A passion for leadership and activism led me to start the BHS Environmental Justice Club and I’m now acting president of the BHS National Honor Society.

Outside the world of academia I run cross country, snowboard, paint, and listen to music. I also love nature and spending time with my friends and family. My dream is to travel the world!

Michael Fernandez

I’m Michael Fernandez, a rising junior at Thetford Academy where I am a member of the Student Council. I have attended GIV’s online Global Issues and Youth Action and Entrepreneurship: Creativity & Innovation programs. I finished each day feeling energized and knowing a little bit more about what direction I want my life to take!

Outside of school, my interests include theater and video production. I’ve been in many productions including The Secret Garden, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and several others. I recently performed as a brother in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and am in rehearsals for Alice in Wonderland where I play the White Rabbit. I have also won several awards for video production including several Halloween-themed video shorts for CATV television station. My other interests include playing guitar and playing video games with my friends.

Una Fonte

Hi, my name is Una, and I’m a rising junior at Vergennes Union High School. I’m a GIV alumni from the Current Issues and Youth Activism Institute and the Entrepreneurship Winter Weekend. My interest in activism and government came from shadowing one of my local representatives through Girls Rock the Capitol, and engaging in student activism with my school’s communicating school redesign team, the newly formed racial and social justice alliance, and the green team.

I’ve also served as a student representative on the school board, a member of the Voices for Vermont’s Children Youth Council, and an intern on the Holcomb and Bos-Lun campaigns. This fall I’m headed off to Robert Bosch United World College in Freiburg, Germany to study with students from around the globe.

Daniel Graves

Hi, my name is Daniel, and I just recently graduated from Mill River UHS. I’m an alumni of GIV Engineering, Mathematical Sciences, Environmental Science, Youth Leadership Winter Weekend, and Space Mission Design Winter Weekend.

I love to play sports like baseball, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee, and recently won the NIAAA Scholar Athlete Award. I also love hiking, overnight backpacking, and creating music. Above all, I am passionate about creating a healthier planet through environmental protection and sustainability, and I currently study Environmental Science at Brown University.

Gloria Kigonya

Hi, my name is Gloria, and I’m a rising junior at Colchester High School. I’m a GIV alumni from the Current Issues and Youth Activism institute. I love getting involved in my school and my community. I’m one of the captains of the speech team at my high school. My freshman year, I won first place for performance poetry at the state tournament.

When I’m not busy with school, I attend dance classes at Up North Dance Studio and create art in my spare time. I also have a deep appreciation for music and fashion. But most of all, I love spreading positivity and helping others!

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