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" At GIV, I made meaningful connections with other people from around the state and around the globe, gained a wealth of valuable information, developed self-confidence, and gained a greater sense of who I am.”

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Are you an aspiring artist ready to take your skills to the next level? In this Institute you will have the opportunity to choose between 25 expert-led courses in film, theater, writing, dance, and more. You will network with other artists, learn new techniques, experiment with new media, and hone your original voice.


Do you look to the skies in wonder? Are you curious about physics and math? If so, the Astronomy Institute is perfect for you. In this Institute you will use robotic telescopes, track the constellations, and spy on asteroids.

Global Issues & Youth Action

Looking to make a difference in your community? How about the country, or world? This Institute will give you the organizational skills you need to create change on any issue. You will learn about current events, meet with Vermont’s political leaders, and more!


In this Institute at prestigious Norwich University, you will work hands-on with mentors learning engineering concepts and techniques by doing them. You will have access to Norwich’s engineering labs, connect with their renowned faculty, and tour local industry-leading businesses.


Want to make an impact to society with your ingenuity and creativity? Then entrepreneurship is the Institute for you! In this Institute you will develop profitable ideas, learn how to position ideas for success, learn how to manage a team, and network with local business leaders.

Environmental Science and Technology

Does the current welfare of the planet and ecosystem concern you? Are you eager to to make an environmental impact? This Institute is your chance to investigate the scientific impact people have on Vermont’s ecosystem. In this program you will collect real data, apply scientific methods, and present your findings.

Health and Medicine

Do you have a passion for helping people in need? Do the intricacies of the human body fascinate you? Then this Institute is right for you. Dive deep into healthcare topics ranging from emergency medicine to surgery to epidemiology, work with medical students, practice vital hands-on medical skills, and use tools to map your career trajectory in healthcare.

Technology & Design

In this Institute you will have access to state-of-the art hardware, the software of your dreams, and learn real programming skills. Choose your own areas of focus from a menu including game design, web design, coding and cybersecurity, and be surrounded by mentors and friends who love technology and what it can do.

Mathematical Sciences

Get ready to be surrounded by math-lovers like you! In this Institute you will take on math mind puzzles, learn about the real-world application of mathematics, solve problems alongside professional mathematicians, and identify which direction you want to move your math career in.

Winter Weekend

If you can think up a topic of study, there’s a good chance we’re offering it at a Winter Weekend! Every year a new abundant crop of ten topics draws 150 students together for these intense blasts of February learning. Applications open each December.

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