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Connect with world-class mentors through affordable summer programs that will drive you to think deeper and dream bigger.


" There are few experiences in life that change a person… GIV happens to be one of those experiences."

Get to Know GIV

The Governor’s Institutes of Vermont creates fun, accelerated learning residencies on college campuses for Vermont teenagers and high schoolers.

These learning tracks are called Institutes. Each Institute is unique and built around a single focus area.

In a typical year, all the Institutes are residential! You live on a college campus and have access to all the resources the college provides (including state-of-the-art labs and studios). Of course, this past year has been anything but typical. 2020 saw the advent of GIV’s online Immersions, which capture the same inspiring and interactive spirit, just from your own home! This format will continue for 2021’s summer programming. Whether an in-person Institute or an online Immersion, all of GIV’s programs are hands-on, intense bursts of learning and fun!

You and your new friends (who share your interest to explore topics in-depth with leading professionals in the field) have a chance to try something new, make lasting memories, and learn more than you could ever imagine.

To sum it up, if you are a high school student or young artist living in Vermont and looking for a learning opportunity that is world-class, affordable, and tailored to your interests and desire to learn, GIV was built for you!

For Parents and Educators

Being nominated to attend the Governor’s Institutes is a great honor for your young person. As Vermont’s own accelerated enrichment program, GIV is designed to give Vermont’s brightest young stars a truly world-class experience with in-depth resources and top-notch professional mentoring.

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Give Vermont’s young people empowering learning opportunities on college campuses by donating to the Governor’s Institutes of Vermont today. Your tax-deductible gift will go towards helping young learners from less privileged families join GIV regardless of their ability to pay tuition.

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Why Attend GIV?

GIV provides a “once in a lifetime”opportunity for students from all walks of life (regardless of their ability to pay for tuition or not).

If you are a high school student in Vermont, the real question becomes: with so much to gain, why wouldn’t you attend GIV?

Some Reasons Why Choosing GIV Could Be the Best Decision You Will Ever Make

Find your calling in life.
Make lifelong friends.
Network with peers and professionals in your career industry.
Gain skills, self-confidence, and a bridge to college success.
Have fun while learning!

But that’s not all. GIV graduates can qualify for automatic scholarships depending on which school they are matriculating to!

Check out this list of colleges at which GIV graduates have matriculated in recent years:

Here’s What Some of Our Alumni Have to Say About GIV

“ GIV was the best educational experience I’ve ever had.”

“ This was one of the best things I have ever done with my summer.”

“ It was amazing how many brilliant like-minded people surrounded me. There was never a dull moment and I was never in a room that didn’t contain at least a half a dozen friends.”

“ My attendance resulted in the most enjoyable, informative, and enlightening two weeks of my life.”

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