GIV Update – 3/16/2020

At this time, GIV applications remain open for summer 2020 participation! All Institutes in June and July 2020 are hoping to proceed as planned and are welcoming applications from students interested in those topics.

We have been actively monitoring COVID-19 closures and advisories and will continue to stay current on the outbreak status and projected scenarios for Vermont over the 90-day time period until GIV begins.  Should circumstances require it, one or more Institutes could be cancelled. Should that occur, families will be notified immediately and refunded 100% of application fees and any tuition paid.

The application process has been streamlined in response to the outbreak:

  • First, we’ve asked schools to waive all application deadlines. GIV will fill the Institutes as applications arrive, so no need to worry if a previously published deadline already passed.
  • Second, with schools closed some students may find it hard to connect with teachers to get references or nominations. It isn’t a problem to pause the application while those connections are made. If the problem persists, please contact GIV HQ team. We may even be able to waive those requirements in cases where we can get a particularly good sense of a student from their application essays.
  • Third, we promise full refunds to any student should their Institute be cancelled or if they are unable to attend because of illness or a quarantine situation.

We anticipate updating our health screening processes and student interaction policies as the Institutes draw closer. Student’s health and safety have been GIV’s top priority for 37 years and that will remain unchanged.

Despite these uncertain times, we’re still doing everything in our power to give students a supercharged summer of learning, friends and inspiration.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our HQ team at 802 865-4448 or [email protected].






Kaomi Taylor Mitchell

Kaomi Taylor Mitchell

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