Ready to take on climate change together?

This winter, GIV is going virtual for an intense, three-day burst of hands-on problem solving to help save the planet.

Program Dates: February 4th - 6th, 2022

2022’s Virtual Climate Change Sprint

This February 4th – 6th, join GIV in asking and answering the hard questions: what will Vermont look like after 50 more years of climate change? Let’s figure it out and change it. How do we lobby for action on a legislative level? Let’s get started. What art can we create to make people care about the climate? Let’s make it, right now!

Come dive into group projects, interactive challenges, and intensive workshops designed to give you the connections, resources, and inspiration to take on climate change in Vermont and beyond. It’s not a marathon – it’s a sprint. So let’s get a running start towards solving the climate crisis together!

Applications close Friday, January 28th.

At This Program You Will…

  • Spend the weekend connecting with climate change experts from all over the country
  • Collaborate with other Vermont high school students who are passionate about addressing the climate crisis
  • Develop a strong foundation of climate science knowledge and the communication skills to be an effective advocate
  • Take on interactive prompts and challenges in small, interest-based groups
  • Learn about climate change resources available in Vermont
  • Discover how you can make a difference in your local community
  • Get a taste of GIV’s in-depth summer Institutes in fields like art, environmental science, and youth activism
  • Have fun engaging with a community of folks who care as much as you do!

Let’s Sprint Towards Solving the Climate Crisis Together!