Summer Adventures Await More Than 200 Students (& Applications Are Still Open!)

When it became apparent last month that we couldn’t safely hold in-person Institutes this summer, GIV’s expert Institute teams went back to the drawing boards and developed eight extraordinary opportunities for students to gather and learn while at home. Introducing the GIV Summer Immersions!

We weren’t sure how popular they’d be, but thought we’d build them and see who came.  Well, as of today more than 200 young Vermonters are already enrolled, and we’re welcoming more every week.  The more the merrier – no walls means fewer space constraints!  And tuition for everyone is pay-what-you-can.

GIV has accessibility baked into its mission, and we’re doing our best to make sure that access is as geographically and economically unrestricted as possible. You can help. If you’re aware of students or regions who want to participate but have technological concerns, please contact GIV HQ so that we can work out the issues together. If you are in a place to donate, your financial help can make the difference in bridging gaps for disadvantaged students. 

We’re looking forward to the time when young people and their caring mentors can again gather safely and GIV can return to the magical, empowering on-campus experiences for which we’re known.  Until then, I’m extremely proud of the impressive summer lineup that our team is creating and hope you’ll help me spread the word to Vermont high schoolers – for fun, friends and your future, apply to GIV today! 


Kaomi Taylor Mitchell

Kaomi Taylor Mitchell

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