In Summer 2021, GIV is Going Virtual!

The screens between us can't stop you from making new friends and pursuing your passions. Come join Vermont's brightest young people for a summer of learning, friendships and fun at GIV!

GIV From Home

Last summer, GIV launched its first ever virtual programming, giving nearly 300 Vermont teenagers the opportunity to meet new friends and learn more about what they love – all from their own homes!

With one successful online summer already under our belts, GIV is using everything we’ve learned to bring you even more engaging, interactive experiences this year. So get ready to pursue your passions, get inspired, and connect with experts and mentors from all over the world! 

Worried about applying? Don’t be!

UPDATE: our April 1st priority deadline has passed, but we’re still accepting applications! Our Immersions are close to capacity, so be sure to select a 2nd choice that you’re excited about when applying.

GIV is committed to breaking down barriers, technological and financial ones included. That’s why this summer, tuition is “pay-what-you-can.” We’re also prepared to provide support for any and all students that don’t have access to devices or reliable internet connections, or are struggling with any other tech-related problems. We want you to get the most out of this summer’s Immersions – so if there’s anything you need, let us know and we’ll do our best to help!

To learn more about our “pay what you can” tuition model, visit our summer 2021 tuition page.

Have a tech-related question? Email [email protected] for more info.

Summer 2021 Immersions

GIV summer Immersions aren’t designed to be just an online course, or a lecture series where you’ll watch talking heads on a computer. This is a community of young learners studying and socializing together, growing their knowledge and building lasting bonds.

During Immersions, you’ll use a computer or device for online workshops a few hours a day. But you’ll also be engaging in independent research or projects and social & team activities – like building microcontrollers, playing in virtual drum circles, conducting environmental case studies, and JackBox game nights! Attendees of certain Immersions will also be sent a care package containing everything you’ll need to jump right in to all the activities and events your Immersion has planned.

At the end of the Immersion, you’ll have gained knowledge, insight into potential careers of interest, and a statewide network of new friends who care about the same things you do!

Read below about the amazing programs we have in store for you this summer, and remember –  tuition is “pay what you can,” and even though our April 1st priority deadline has passed, we’re still accepting applications! So what’s stopping you? Apply today!

Arts: Applications Closed

Immersion Dates: Monday, July 5th – Friday, July 16th

Are you an aspiring artist looking to take your creativity to the next level? Then join GIV’s Art Immersion where you’ll take a deep dive into visual, dramatic, musical, written or digital creation with a focus on producing original work, guided by artist mentors and accentuated by workshops and Q&A presentations from professional artists. This virtual offering will guide you through the development of your own artistic practice, introducing you to new skills and approaches for exploring your own artistic expression. You’ll find inspiration in sharing ideas and network with other young artists and professionals from all over Vermont. If you’ve got a creative bent, you belong here!

Engineering: Applications Closed

Immersion Dates: Saturday, June 19th – Sunday, June 27th

You’ve got the power – literally! In this summer’s virtual Immersion, you’ll be assessing your local energy systems with the help of sensors and programming, studying alongside others who share your interests and learning to think like an engineer.  You’ll also have the chance to challenge your thinking with design challenges and gain exposure to multiple engineering fields and career pathways. By the end, you’ll have the skills to make your family more energy secure.

Entrepreneurship: Creativity & Innovation: Applications Closed

Immersion Dates: Monday, June 28th – Friday, July 2nd

Creativity and innovation are keys to leadership and success, and this is the Immersion to spark your entrepreneurial spirit! Creative thinkers will learn how to thrive in a climate that encourages innovation. Here’s your chance to explore a program that helps you develop and evaluate ideas for new products and services, plus a glimpse into the business models to execute your ideas. Enjoy fun activities and experiential exercises, guest speakers, videos and more as you learn to think and act with a socially-conscious business mindset. What’s more, you’ll have a unique opportunity to learn, interact and be mentored by VtSBDC statewide Business Advisors and community business leaders, planting the seeds for your own network for future success. Opportunities are built in to collaborate and discuss your burgeoning ideas with other students around the state. It’s all there for you to delve in and explore: building the growth mindset, generating ideas, storytelling and more – a great opportunity to have fun and use your imagination!

You can take this GIV Immersion for college credits! Additional tuition costs are usually covered by the Dual Enrollment program. Apply now and choose whether to sign up for credit once you’re enrolled.

Environmental Science & Technology: Applications Closed

Immersion Dates: Saturday, July 17th – Sunday, July 25th

Join a team of environmental scientists this summer as we collect, compile, and compare data about Vermont’s environment. We’ll give you all the materials and tools to conduct guided field sampling, data collection, observation and environmental analysis in your town. You will collaborate with teen scientists statewide to understand and present your findings. There will be numerous Q&A opportunities with experts. You’ll also learn from presentations by working scientists from multiple fields, explore the crossover between energy and the environment, and learn about scientific careers and pathways.

You can take this GIV Immersion for college credits! Additional tuition costs are usually covered by the Dual Enrollment program. Apply now and choose whether to sign up for credit once you’re enrolled.

Global Issues & Youth Action: Applications Closed

Immersion Dates: Thursday, June 24th – Thursday, July 1st

Been watching the news a lot lately? Or avoiding it? Either way, you’re not alone! At this Immersion, students from across the globe will look at how leadership, policy and activism shape our world and how you can impact that. You’ll explore in-depth, challenging political, environmental, and social justice issues and the mechanics of change. Come discover the tools and tactics to make a difference, learn about opportunities and careers in creating the world you want, and participate in collaborative dialogue with young people from Vermont and beyond!

Health & Medicine: Applications Closed

Immersion Dates: Monday, July 12th – Wednesday, July 21st

Are you called to do the hard work of preserving and improving human health? Want to become knowledgeable about careers in the medical field and gain a cohort of young people that support your professional dreams? Then the Health & Medicine Immersion is the place for you. This summer, we’ll be exploring everything from sports medicine and psychology to biology and biochemistry! Come learn alongside practicing med students and professionals, dive into guided patient interviews and case studies, participate in panels and workshops, and discover career opportunities that match your interests.

The Kenneth I. Gross and Tony Trono Governor’s Institute of Mathematical Sciences: Applications Closed

Immersion Dates: Sunday, June 20th – Friday, June 25th

Math lovers unite! There is a whole state full of math-lovers just like you and we’re getting ready to bring them together this summer in the Math Immersion. We’ll challenge our minds with puzzles and mentored problem-solving activities and contests; learn about the real-world and theoretical applications of mathematics; solve problems alongside professional mathematicians from the academic and business world; and learn about career pathways open to people who love math.

Technology and Design: Applications Closed

Immersion Dates: Friday, July 23rd – Friday, July 30th

Do you love technology? Are you an inventor or a dreamer? Come join us! At this Immersion, you’ll participate in a fast-paced design challenge to build and prototype solutions to real-world problems big and small, with opportunities to focus on programming, design thinking, microcontrollers, and graphic design. Work remotely with media and technology professors and professionals, and expand your technical skills and knowledge. Come discover where design and technology can take you!

Who Can Attend GIV?

GIVers are a diverse group, brought together by their shared passion and ambition for learning! Here are some of the basic age and geographic guidelines for who can attend this Summer’s Immersions:

  • Students currently in the 9th through 12th grades
  • Students who attend school in Vermont, or schools with reciprocal education arrangements with VT school districts

GIV is also willing to consider other out-of-state students on a case by case basis, but full tuition rates may apply.

Submit your application today!