GIV is gearing up for 2023!

This summer, join a community of young Vermonters as passionate as you are. Get inspired to think deeper and dream bigger!

2023 Applications will be open soon!

The team at GIV are hard at work preparing a new year of exciting and engaging institutes for Summer 2023. Check back soon for announcements about our institutes and links to apply.


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What is GIV?

The Governor’s Institutes of Vermont is a collection of nine intensive, residential summer learning programs hosted at college campuses all over the state. Each Institute focuses on a unique area of interest, and introduces you to mentors and friends who will help you pursue your passions and create your future.

At GIV You Will...

  • Spend 1-2 weeks completely immersed in a topic you love
  • Learn from and network with industry leading professionals
  • Make new friends from all across Vermont who share your interests
  • Experience life on a college campus with access to all the resources it provides
  • Have fun!

Summer 2022 Institutes

Check out the nine amazing programs we hosted in 2022!


Sun, June 26th – Sun, July 10th at Castleton University

Amplify your creativity and artistic promise at GIV’s largest and most vibrant Institute! Join professional artists and talented students from throughout Vermont in an exciting learning community, overflowing with creative energy, collaboration, and inspiration. You’ll develop in-depth skills in the media of your choice (such as music, dance, writing, theater, painting, sculpture, film, and more!) and discover potential careers in the arts, surrounded by people who love to create as much as you!


Sat, July 16th – Fri, July 22nd at NVU Lyndon

Love the stars? Bring your intellectual curiosity and passion for STEM to this exciting Institute that combines art with math and physics. You’ll spend late nights exploring the skies with some of Vermont’s most powerful telescope equipment, conduct original hands-on research into the unsolved mysteries of space, develop an aesthetic, historic, and scientific context for your findings, and consider careers for people who love the sky!


Sun, June 26th – Sat, July 2nd at Norwich University

Get hands-on with engineering for the future at this sustainability-focused Institute led by renowned Norwich University faculty! You’ll develop your own projects in energy, robotics, structural, or environmental engineering, working to create resilient technological solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. You’ll access professional equipment in Norwich’s engineering labs, tour industry leaders alongside expert mentors, and build bridges to your scholastic future and potential careers.

Entrepreneurship: Creativity & Innovation

Sun, June 26th – Fri, July 1st at Vermont Technical College – Randolph

This summer, spark your entrepreneurial spirit: bring your passion and curiosity to this one week deep dive into the creativity and innovation that goes into developing new products and services. You’ll have the guidance of proven entrepreneurs and experts, plus a network of peers, to propel you forward in brainstorming, evaluating, and acting on your ideas. It’s all there for you to delve in and explore: building a growth mindset, generating ideas, marketing, business strategy, storytelling and more – a great opportunity to have fun and use your imagination! This institute will have you leveraging your own unique talents and passions to propel you to future success.

College credits available.

Environmental Science & Technology

Fri, July 8th – Sat, July 16th at The University of Vermont

Investigate and help solve the mysteries of Vermont’s landscape in GIV’s week-long Environmental Science Institute. In this program you’ll spend the first four days collecting environmental data from your own community, and then bring your samples to UVM where you will stay on campus for the remainder of the week. You will spend your days analyzing and interpreting data: what’s in our air, water, and soil? What are the impacts for public and environmental health? What solutions will you propose? Take this week to be an Environmental Scientist, you never know what you’ll discover!

College credits available.

Global Issues & Youth Action

Wed, June 29th – Wed, July 6th at Landmark College

Join other motivated young people in addressing political, environmental, and social justice issues. Support each other together as you learn how we have the capacities to take on the COVID and climate crises, racism, sexism, and authoritarianism. We can mobilize our collective will in dialogue with young people from around the state and world to help lead movements for real change, deepening our hope with action.

Health & Medicine

Sun, June 26th – Sat, July 2nd at Norwich University

The world of health care is bursting with life-saving advances in science and technology. Step into this critically important field and dive deep into hands-on medical and health science skills. You can choose to explore the fields of emergency and sports medicine, neuroscience and psychology, or biomedical engineering and medical lab sciences, with opportunities for elective cross-over sessions to sample a huge number of health care occupations. You’ll learn clinical skills in patient care and diagnostics, lead your own laboratory work, participate in a mass casualty drill, and be mentored by health professionals and medical students.

Produced in partnership with Vermont AHEC.

Kenneth I. Gross and Tony Trono Mathematical Sciences Institute

Sun, June 26th – Fri, July 1st at The University of Vermont

Surround yourself with math-lovers like you at this week-long festival of mathematics! Theoretical and real-world applications of math will have you dazzled as you use your hands and brain to take on world-class mathematical challenges and enjoy advanced lectures by renowned mathematicians. You will also explore and discover exciting careers for people with strong backgrounds in mathematics.

Technology & Design

Sat, June 18th – Sun, June 26th at Champlain College

At the Tech & Design Institute, you’ll work in state-of-the-art computer labs with the most up-to-date software and tools, learning from professionals at the forefronts of their fields. Choose your own pathway while exploring the intersection between design and technology. Course offerings include game design, 3D modeling, interactive storytelling, graphic design, programming microcontrollers and more! Immerse yourself in emerging technologies and find out how your computer and design skills will change the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Institute dates and locations?

Each Institute takes place at a different time during the summer, and on different campuses. You can refer to the table above, or visit each Institute’s page on our site for more info!

How much does it cost?

Tuition uses a sliding scale model, which means you only pay what your family can afford. Check out the summer tuition page for more details!

Who can attend?

Students currently in 9th - 11th grade who go to school in Vermont, or at a school that has an arrangement with VT school districts. We’re also willing to consider out-of-state students on a case by case basis.

Do my grades matter for attending GIV?

In most cases, no! We don't look at grades/transcripts when considering applicants. The only exception is our Math Institute, where we need to know which classes you have taken and your grades in just those classes.

How do I apply?

Applying is easy - just hit one of the many “apply” buttons on our website, create a SurveyMonkey account, and fill out the application. It will ask you to enter your contact info and some additional details about your interests, then prompt you to request recommendations from two adults. Don’t forget to hit submit!

Is there a deadline for applications?

Yes - applications close April 3rd.

When will I know if I’m accepted?

We’ll begin reaching out to students to let them know their application status in mid-to-late April, around two weeks after our application deadline.

What COVID policies will be in place?

We are requiring all students to be fully vaccinated (including applicable booster shots) at all of our Institutes this summer. We will also be rapid testing all students on the first day of their Institute. Additional precautions may be required based on the program. Policies are subject to change in accordance with CDC and/or host college guidance.

How will I get to the Institute?

If you aren’t able to drive or be driven to your Institute, reach out to us directly at [email protected] We’ll coordinate travel arrangements to get you there!

What will my living situation be?

While at GIV, you’ll live in a dorm on your Institute’s host college campus. Most students will have a roommate or roommates.

When will I know my Institute’s schedule?

The Program Director for your Institute will reach out to you via email to share your Institute schedule in advance of the program. If you have questions before then, feel free to email us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to answer them!

Can I earn high school or college credit?

Yes! All of our Institutes offer high school credit through the flexible pathways program at your school, and two of our Institutes - Entrepreneurship and Environmental Science & Technology - can be taken for college credit.

2023 Summer Applications Will Be Open Soon!